Our Positioning

Edgecodes consultants have substantial competence, experience and a humble perspective on their work. We position ourselves in the foreground of technology and have the neccessary insights about future-proof IT solutions.

We believe that good IT solutions must be built to allow for further development. That they are flexible and profitable to invest in. Both in the short and long-term.

Choosing the correct technology, system architecture and implementing future-safe and demanding IT solutions, often with intensive project schedules and time deadlines, requires both knowledge and experience. Edgecode uses only competent system architects and developers with many years experience.

Our business concept is simple - to give our clients the most reliable and most profitable IT solutions.

For use for example DSDM and time boxing project management where completion dates, allocated time and resources are determined upon project initialisation. Ensuring that deliverables are always on time and on budget.

Solution orientated teams and testing throughout the projects lifecycle is therefore a natural element when providing sustainable solutions for our clients.

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