Technology for Depth and Continuity

Edgecode is an Oracle Partner. We began working with Oracle 14 years ago and having since then developed substantial competence and experience of the company's development tools and product range.

From core database technology in mission critical solutions to the most leading-edge application server technology.

We also have long experience of Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and IBM DB2 beginning working with IBM DB2 over 12 years ago.

We also work with Bea Weblogic, IBM Websphere, Orion Application Server, Sun Solaris and Linux.

In Edgecode we have a unique experience of porting between platforms. A successful project to transfer a system from one database platform to another demands deep knowledge of the products on both platforms.

Edgecode has helped clients with porting between various database platforms. For example Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle and from Oracle to IBM DB2.


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