Business Areas - Advanced Database Development

Edgecode consultants are experts at modeling and effectively developing large business critical databases. Solutions where requirements on high performance and reliability are crucial. In particular systems with very large data volumes.

We deliver high-level performance and flexible scalability and often have the role as database architect & DBA in large key projects.

A few examples:
• trading systems for leading commercial banks
• check-in and gate systems for Scandinavian Airlines
• logistics systems for the National Swedish Postal Services nation-wide stores

Effective solutions with Java and J2EE.

We have leading-edge competence for delivering solutions demanding requirements using Java and web based architecture. The key technologies are Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and XML. Edgecode are specialists in combining the most modern web based technologies with traditional database development.

Since Edgecode has expert knowledge in both of these areas, we can deliver a future-safe solution. A solution that not only gives business value in the first year, but also is cost effective during the entire expected life-cycle of the system.

Web Services & XML

Web services and XML make it possible to connect various complex business systems. To quickly adapt to new business needs. At a much lower cost than previously. The solution can also later be quickly adapted to new requirements and needs, without extensive and expensive reprogramming. Web services utilise maturing technologies such as Java J2EE and Microsoft .NET.

Edgecode has extensive knowledge of XML and SOAP. We have also profound experience of how XML can be used to achieve the greatest business value as possible. We understand how this new technology can be integrated with aged technologies and older conventional solutions, in order to protect existing investments.

We know how to achieve a solution that works in a modern real-world environment, and that has the best scalability and performance. We know that the ability to deliver business value is dependent on experience.

At Edgecode we have more than 15 years experience of system development with conventional programming languages like C and C++. We are competent in system programming on Windows and we cover all general technologies and topics for dealing with business critical IT solutions.

By combining our extensive experience with the latest software technology, Edgecode delivers robust business value to our clients


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